Autumn in August






Sleeveless Long Top – New Look




“August rain: The best of the Summer gone, and the new fall not yet born, The odd uneven time.” -Sylvia Plath

Pretty much sums up the whole of a British summer if you ask me because let’s face it, Britain + Sun = world gone mad! So, for some reason Autumn becomes that time of year where everyone wants to camouflage themselves with the leaves and the trees, basically becoming one with nature. And I have to say, I’m not complaining! Autumn is something England can do well and I can almost hear the crisp and the crunch of those vibrant coloured leaves under my boots. Every shop on the high street is flourishing with autumnal  colours, 70s vibes, suede, suede, oh, and SUEDE! These are just a few of my favourite wardrobe pieces for Autumn…for now! I’m still shopping about, because a girl can’t be too prepared, right? Just a little something for this in-between season stage. Full looks of these pieces will be posted on my Instagram – outfit of the days is something I like to play with 😉

And a new creative writing little something (Autumn inspired, obviously) will be coming soon so stay tuned!

🙂 – Iram x


The second stop of the Hot Chocolate Hot Spot Tour.

It’s quirky, unique, sweet and upon my first visit, Crumbs instantly became a special favourite of mine. Situated just past the infamous York Minster and swallowed by the bustling heart of the city, this dinghy little cupcakery also consists of yes, cupcakes! The variety of flavours will leave you completely spoilt for choice. Upon two of my visits (yes, I have been more than once) I left it up to the waitress to decide for me as she recommended the specials of the day (I would have been there all day if I had to decide.)

It is a very memorable atmosphere – The dinky decor will transport you to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with patterned bunting and cottage-like wooden beams across the ceiling, mismatched seating and handwritten signs – the whole place just looks as though so much love and effort has filled it and never left.

The Hot Chocolate: None of that instant, boiling water that burns the taste of the chocolate but milky and creamy topped with mini marshmallows that didn’t melt straight away. It gave me a real homemade hot chocolate feel –  it will give you flashbacks to when you’re seven years old in your pyjamas, snug under a blanket on the sofa watching Disney movies whilst sipping on warm, chocolate-y goodness.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 21.54.36

The cupcakes were perfectly presented and perfectly decorated. Like those ones you would see on the front of every baking magazine…and they tasted as good as they looked. Upon my visits I have had a lemon, red velvet and Victoria sponge cupcakes – and I cannot fault any of them. (I’ll admit I’m a little biased as I can never fault food, after all it’s food!)

WP_20141203_003 copy

Lemon Cupcake



Clockwise from top: Red Velvet, Chocolate Orange and Lemon

I don’t understand why they would call it Crumbs…I didn’t leave a single one.

If you do decide to go (which I highly recommend), Enjoy!  😉


Crumbs Cupcakery,
10 College Street

For the menu and more information visit:
Twitter: @CrumbsCupcakery

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 21.55.40





Like all good ol’ fashioned Brits, there is no better sound to me than the sound of the kettle rearing itself up for good old brew! I sometimes think I was meant to be born in a past generation (old biddy in a twenty year old body over here!) Aside from the comfort of your own home, it is pretty hard to determine where to go for a chillaxing moment when your out and about…SO…I’m going to tell you!

As I am studying my undergraduate degree in YORK I have come to the conclusion that the historical little city oozes with the CUTEST, QUIRKIEST, COSIEST cafes for food and hot drinks! And it got me thinking that these little places are one of a kind and nobody outside of York are aware of them!

SO, I have decided to venture upon each little cafe to seek out the best hot chocolates in York (those standard Costa and Starbucks brews are so overrated!) As well as hot chocolate’s there will also be food involved – I can’t go into a cafe and not eat!

So keep your eyes peeled on this space as my first review will be up very very soon!

Iram x

A New Image


Recently I have been undergoing a lack of inspiration and motivation to keep this blog running hence the last post dating all the way  back to October! Christmas and New Years has woken and slept again for the year and as a new years resolution (kind of a late one but oh well) I have decided to reboot my blog and stick with it. HOWEVER this time round it is going to come back with a MAKEOVER!!!

I have had a few ideas of how would like to set about my career and feel like this blog will help me by sharing my other interests (that don’t include creative writing!) I will be taking this blog as an opportunity to express myself from a more personal aspect. I will be venturing upon fashion, photography, lifestyle, travel, personal experiences and hopefully to guide you through the journey of the many stepping stones towards a career in the creative arts. Let’s not forget the occasional creative writing piece and poem!

I hope my life doesn’t bore you and I can now be found in the new domain I created:
And yes…I love red lipstick! (Is it too obvious?)



Has anyone else just looked up at the sky when it was raining, and thought that all them drops are just little people having a little jamming session and are dancing their way down from the heavens?

No? Just me then.

The change of weather is starting to become a massive inspiration towards my writing. As we dive further into the chill of winter here is something that we all can relate to:


Released from the imprisonment of the cloud
gravity pulls and plunges it to Earth. Plink!
It hits the windowpane with a chilling sound,
like the way its long last cousin would hit the sink.

Yet its brothers and sisters still fall
pummelling down in all their transparency
wildly flung through the atmosphere they
call out for help until they have reached terminal velocity.

The Earth with endurance has thirst to quench
yet time stops a little for crystals to shower
upon us blessings and spells to repent,
patience is virtue for that dehydrated flower.

My head tilted up towards the heavens, I see
them spin and glide to their own special beat,
some settling there upon my cheek,
others pool and melt into one another by my feet.

I squint through each plop!
A stage of graceful dancers,
then the curtain drops.

Childhood Tales

Growing up I wanted to be a photographer, an architect, an actress, a teacher and even a spy. But there was one role that overpowered them all – a writer. The influence came largely from the writings of Roald Dahl who became a childhood favourite of mine ever since a class reading of ‘The Twits.’ Today, thinking about young adult fiction immediately took me back to my childhood as I thought about the books I used to read and find enjoyable. Writer’s such as C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson and Lewis Carroll also became massively influential. Now, I think back and realise all the adventures I’ve been through – I would attend mad tea parties, discover treasured islands, meet big friendly giants. To this day when writing I can easily relate to the words of Dahl as he states ‘Two hours of writing fiction leaves this writer completely drained. For those two hours he has been in a different place with totally different people.’ Roald Dahl.

A creative writing session within my undergraduate course was dedicated to engaging with skills about writing for Young Adults. A ‘young adult’ is a term that I would think applies to an age range of 11-18 year olds. Therefore there is quite a large span as to what topics should apply to which age within that range as it is the most sensitive and rapid time of when your mind-set and maturation is evolved.

The session I found thoroughly enjoyable and Young Adult fiction is a topic of writing that I have always wanted to pursue as a professional career. As part of an exercise I have written an opening of a Young Adult novel, most likely to appeal to an audience of 11-15 years. The following is a blurb I have created for the novel (although the whole story has not been written):

The Boring Blurb

WARNING: This book contains spoilers of the new and upcoming movie of ‘Early Retirement’ that some readers may prefer to avoid.

I’m sorry. That is a lie. ‘Early Retirement’ is not going to become a movie. But I will tell you something now. If it was to become a movie, it would not be very pleasant to watch. This is why I chose to tell you this story about a peculiar young girl through writing, so you are able to avoid the grim, gloomy and ghastly imagery in action. You are welcome.

Though, I will warn you about some health matters. If you suffer from reading deeply daunting descriptions of super scary scenes then I would advise you to not read this book as it may cause symptoms of fright and fear. If you suffer from such a disease I would advise you to read something else, perhaps one about rainbows, unicorns and princesses. Nevertheless, if you do not mind the likings of squashed rats, horrific haircuts, bloody carcasses and the occasional case of terrible cooking, then proceed – but with caution! If you are a wimp I would suggest you put this book down now and walk away.


Like what you have read? The first few pages of ‘Early Retirement’ is located in this blog in the ‘Creative Writing’ section. Bare in mind that it is for a younger audience. Hope you enjoy.

Although a little younger than my aimed audience, my first critic became a nine year old girl who read the opening pages and decided to drawn an illustration to what she had just read. The following is the picture she drew;



Experiencing the role of a Creative Writing  student in an undergraduate level –  where everything begins to fly your way at the speed of light. You take in the information  that has been given to you, but has it really sunk in? You experiment with things outside of your comfort zone, but have you continued this?

You’re still absorbing the environment. You feel new. But everybody’s new. Scanning the room to see what others are doing, gathering influence as you feel the atmosphere beginning to buzz with excitement, amongst your peers, your tutors and secretly yourself. Why? Because you are free to write whatever you want to write, your pen is at the ready. This is your chance to be expressive. But somehow this adds the pressure that what you want to write has to be…right?

Wrong! – There is no ‘right’ when you write. When writing the topic of ‘originality’ cannot be emphasised enough. Not at University anyway. No limitations. No boundaries. We begin our reflections by reflecting on our own writings. The thought of somebody else having to read your creative work slips away gradually. As confidence evolves, so does your writing.

Then there are other writers, perhaps better writers? Maybe not, but they are ‘professional’ writers. The work of these writers we analyse thoroughly. Become influenced, and then incorporate their ideas to our own work. Every word written on a page is thought about, then re-thought about. We interpret meanings, expand onto asking further questions and even link texts together in comparison. Is what the ‘professional’ writer has written a perfect piece. We will never know, only the writer can answer that. What we do know is that the end result is a beautiful one. Why? Because the words just fit together, drawn together and meant to be together like the pieces of a jigsaw. It may take a while to get there, but you do get there.





Imagination and Introductions.

The most awkward moment of every parent’s lives as their child ponders over the mind-boggling situation as to where babies come from. Within my youthful mind, it was the bird that delivered Dumbo who had delivered all the babies of course. He would scoop up the babies from the clouds in the sky and it was the industrial, towering factories we see sitting on the side of the motorways that make the clouds obviously. Then there are teeny, tiny, mini people that live inside the T.V set so we can watch them in our favourite movies and shows. How else would they get in there?

Fear of losing my imagination is something I can’t, well…imagine. Did you ever think that when you were kid your imagination was wild, wonderful and whimsical? Your mind would conjure the impossible. Then enters this buzzkill called ‘growing up’ and your adolescent mind adapts to theories, concepts and beliefs shaping itself to understand the world.

Maybe it’s better not to understand things, that’s how your imagination continues to flow. If you find it hard to see how the world works, view it in a way how YOU would want it to work.

Welcome, I am Iram Ahmed and this is my blog. Involving combinations of photography and creative writing along with a mixture of other creative formats to hopefully entertain, educate and elaborate upon the world and what it has to offer.