A New Image


Recently I have been undergoing a lack of inspiration and motivation to keep this blog running hence the last post dating all the way  back to October! Christmas and New Years has woken and slept again for the year and as a new years resolution (kind of a late one but oh well) I have decided to reboot my blog and stick with it. HOWEVER this time round it is going to come back with a MAKEOVER!!!

I have had a few ideas of how would like to set about my career and feel like this blog will help me by sharing my other interests (that don’t include creative writing!) I will be taking this blog as an opportunity to express myself from a more personal aspect. I will be venturing upon fashion, photography, lifestyle, travel, personal experiences and hopefully to guide you through the journey of the many stepping stones towards a career in the creative arts. Let’s not forget the occasional creative writing piece and poem!

I hope my life doesn’t bore you and I can now be found in the new domain I created: http://www.theredlippychronicle.wordpress.com
And yes…I love red lipstick! (Is it too obvious?)


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