‘Ello ‘ello!

So, you’ve found the little digital space where I like to muse about my general lifestyle – kind of like an online journal if you think about it- but since I am sharing it with the rest of the world I won’t get too personal. You’re welcome.

I am a 22 year old Creative Writing and English Literature graduate and this ‘digital space’ of mine is where I sometimes like to escape and share the (interesting) experiences of my day-to-day life. You’ll find I like to play tourist a lot, share some of my creative writing, eat a lot and very quickly learn how shutter happy I get with a camera in my hand!

And with that, I welcome you to The Red Lippy Chronicle – ironically I don’t write about red lippy, I just bloomin’ love the stuff!

Iram x

P.S. To find out more about me you can visit my Twitter & Instagram, and you can like The Red Lippy Chronicle on Facebook too!

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