Imagination and Introductions.

The most awkward moment of every parent’s lives as their child ponders over the mind-boggling situation as to where babies come from. Within my youthful mind, it was the bird that delivered Dumbo who had delivered all the babies of course. He would scoop up the babies from the clouds in the sky and it was the industrial, towering factories we see sitting on the side of the motorways that make the clouds obviously. Then there are teeny, tiny, mini people that live inside the T.V set so we can watch them in our favourite movies and shows. How else would they get in there?

Fear of losing my imagination is something I can’t, well…imagine. Did you ever think that when you were kid your imagination was wild, wonderful and whimsical? Your mind would conjure the impossible. Then enters this buzzkill called ‘growing up’ and your adolescent mind adapts to theories, concepts and beliefs shaping itself to understand the world.

Maybe it’s better not to understand things, that’s how your imagination continues to flow. If you find it hard to see how the world works, view it in a way how YOU would want it to work.

Welcome, I am Iram Ahmed and this is my blog. Involving combinations of photography and creative writing along with a mixture of other creative formats to hopefully entertain, educate and elaborate upon the world and what it has to offer.


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