Wishlisting over on ASOS


So, over the past couple of months I’ve done a fair bit of grafting in the world of work and today I woke up to find I had been paid not just from one of my jobs but BOTH of them! Say whaaaat! I promised myself that when this day arrived that I would be a good girl and not buy anything (I had this whole save, save, save state of mind thing going on) but it’s as though I have this natural instinct (that I have no control over whatsoever) and before I know it I’m immediately reaching over to my laptop and the pretty pretty clothes and shoes on the Asos website are staring straight at me. Then I’m sat there thinking how did this happen? I don’t know what’s going on? But then something else inside of me pipes up and is shouting out things like; ‘you deserve this”look how amazing those jeans are’ *adds to saved items* ‘you already have the perfect shoes that will match that top, get it.’ *adds to saved items* And the process never ends! Does anybody else get this way too? This battle with yourself? Anyways, moving away from my personal psychoanalysis… here we have my top picks from Asos at the moment that have already made reservations in my wardrobe. Just click on a picture to shop it, there’s a nice little variety on there and with this ongoing, freezing cold weather situation, a lot of it should keep you snug as a bug! I’m obsessing over the navy and powder pink colour combo and have recently been introduced the beauty that is the cylindrical heeled boots! If any of you have any favourites yourself, share them with me! Because I’m filthy, stinkin’ rich dontcha know? *she exclaims with wishful, delusional thoughts.* Oh, and don’t forget to take a peek over on my Instagram to see some of these pieced together in full outfit form (when they eventually arrive that is) 🙂

Happy shopping!  xo

All images shown in this post belong to ASOS

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