Speculative Fiction

What is speculative fiction?

A pretty self-explanatory phrase that simply speculates in a fictional way. Majority of the time it is identified by the introduction of fantastic and secondary worlds, falling under sub-genres of fantasy fiction, science-fiction and horror. It involves the reader to imagine the un-imaginable, with worlds and aspects they are not familiar with.

Kim Wilkins in The Cambridge Companion to Creative Writing (2012) writes a fantastic chapter on Genre and Speculative Fiction in which she goes into detail about the importance that genre plays when thinking about writing. She puts forward hints and tips to consider and has laid out writing exercises that any amateur, aspiring or even professional writer would enjoy – all relating to the speculative fiction. I would recommend the read as it inspires you to create and write your own fantastic world.

Speculative Fiction is a genre I thoroughly enjoy reading and to be able to write was even more thrilling. With speculative fiction your imagination can take over, there is no line you have to draw between reality and fiction because it is all completely fiction. You are able to write about the unknown, new rules of new worlds, unusual and make-believe characters and creatures can make an appearance.

Reading Wilkins’ chapter inspired me immensely and brought me about to write a short speculative piece of my own called Core. It adapts a science-fiction genre set in the far future, a world where human beings have evolved in a world more dangerous than today. Here’s a snippet:

‘Tears burned in his eyes, his arm feeling like it was on fire, the blood continued to boil, ripping through his veins and arteries. The armour of his arm had melted off; his arm stripped bare and exposing fleshy, vulnerable skin.  Screaming in anguish he grasped his stomach as if to keep himself together. The heat had burned too deep as his skin began to dishevel and crumble away. He threw his head backwards and wailed one final time. With that, he had exploded. ‘

To read more of Core please visit the Creative Writing page on this blog, click on Core and enjoy! Like and comment with feedback please – even if you don’t like it!

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